The Social Security Administration Will No Longer Use the “R-word”

The Social Security Administration will no longer be using the words “mental retardation” when it comes to people with “intellectual disability” in its official Listing of Impairments.

Peter Berns, CEO of The Arc says, “Changing how we talk about people with disabilities is a critical step in promoting and protecting their basic civil and human rights. This is an important moment for people with disabilities because Social Security is a lifeline to so many – it allows people with ID to live in their communities and be as independent as possible. And now, the language the agency uses will reflect the respect people with ID deserve.”

Social Security Attorneys such as Ken Marks advocate the change and assist the mentally disabled to obtain proper benefits to aid Down syndrome, autism, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, cerebral palsy and other diagnoses.

Have an opinion on this?  Are words just words and should a word’s power lose its meaning if used in regular content?  Hmm.  Let us know below.

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