The Disabled Lawyer Up With ADA Lawsuit

The Americans with Disabilities act, which enforces accessibility requirements for the disabled, has been getting major media coverage; politicians are seeking to scrap the act while the disabled are filing lawsuits in protest for enforcement of the act.

Semi Lentin, a 64-year-old author/filmmaker born and bred in New York, is one plaintiff in a suit against the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, demanding that more vehicles should be wheelchair accessible.

Of course, Lentin isn’t the only one demanding their rights to be upheld.  Claimants are filing hundreds of suits a year via private personal injury attorneys who focus on ADA law.  But since the disabled claimants rarely receive any sort of compensation in a successful ADA lawsuit, getting representation from an attorney is nearly impossible because the lawyer doesn’t gain much financially.

Eve Hill, a senior legal counselor at the Department of Justice’s Civil rights, sheds some light, that there aren’t “…resources in the federal government to take care of all of the millions of businesses and thousands and thousands of state and local government issues that are out there.”

But not to fret if you live in California; Irvine-based attorneys such as Kenneth G. Marks represent dozens of disabled clients.  Plus, California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, which upholds the ADA act, grants disabled claimants up to $4,000 in damages.  Hence, California holds about 42 percent of ADA lawsuits in the US.

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