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Why Employees Need To Be Prepared For Phishing Schemes

You may have the belief that employers have a responsibility to protect their employee’s information from phishing. But do employees need to take ownership in preventing attacks as well? Before that question is answered let’s clarify what a phishing attack is.

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Experian Social Security Info Falls into a Hacker’s Lap

Hey, online scams are a dime a dozen.  We all fall for them.  First you’re browsing the web for a cheap pair of sneakers you can have delivered to your home; the next thing you know you have a mail-order bride and have to pay the bride’s child support and alimony.  We know.  It happens.…

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Dimwitted Woman From Dimmitt Involved in Social Security Scam

Belinda Kirby, the co-owner of a Dimmitt concrete company pleads guilty as charged for scamming with her brother-in-law to illegally obtain $42,000 in Social Security disability payments. Kirby had asked Ricki Dale Wilcox, her brother-in-law, to work for her company and claim to be disabled.  Subsequently, they avoided reporting wages to the Social Security Administration,…

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