Dimwitted Woman From Dimmitt Involved in Social Security Scam

Belinda Kirby, the co-owner of a Dimmitt concrete company pleads guilty as charged for scamming with her brother-in-law to illegally obtain $42,000 in Social Security disability payments.

Kirby had asked Ricki Dale Wilcox, her brother-in-law, to work for her company and claim to be disabled.  Subsequently, they avoided reporting wages to the Social Security Administration, which could have led to the loss of disability benefits, by having Wilcox’s wages paid to his wife, Vada Wilcox.  Vada Wilcox also is now facing charges of theft.

According to reports, between April 2010 and October 2012, Ricki Dale Wilcox, fraudulently claimed he was disabled and received $42,2000 in Social Security payments with supplemental monthly income payments of $999.

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