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Posts Tagged ‘Social Security Cuts’

Budget Cuts Have Liberals Up In Arms

With President Obama’s budget due early next month, many progressives in and out of congress are already vehemently pushing against one potential line in the document. Social Security cuts, in the form of “chained CPI”, have been included in Obama’s budget several times in the past, and are expected to show up on the new…

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Social Security Cuts Frighten Seniors

For a while now the government has been flirting with the idea of adapting to a CPI. Problem with this is that a CPI is a way of determining Social Security cost-of-living increases believing that senior citizens will alter purchasing habits with inflation. This is a mighty darn scare for seniors. And Sheryl Tenicat, one…

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Senator Bernie Sanders Vows to Fight Obama’s Social Security Cuts

Erika J Mitchell / Bernie Sanders, an independent senator of Vermont, had held an 8.5-hour protest on the Senate floor in late 2010 to stop Barack Obama’s late 2010 tax deal with Republicans.  He failed.  Now Sanders, the Senate’s most liberal member, claims will do what it takes to prevent Obama’s push for cuts…

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