Senator’s Crusade To Wake Up America With Retirement Debate

retirement control

Democratic Senator Tom Harkin isn’t retiring his crusade to wake Americans up when it comes to the touchy subject of retirement.  In a proposal to call out fear-mongers for their role in blaming the national debt on Social Security, he is urging Washington to realize how much retirement is in major crisis. The national debt couldn’t have anything to do with dropping bombs oversees or the legendary hunt for Osama Bin Laden right? No, it’s Social Security that’s causing a majority of the national debt! Feeding the war machine and blaming it on the livelihood of the elderly seems like a perfect scapegoat as long as Enron CEO’s get to fly in private jets and rack up expense accounts for “business” affairs.

Harkin’s concern for the $6.6 trillion dollar retirement income deficit exemplifies just how much trouble the welfare of past generations and future generations to come are really in. Recent social security cuts made because it’s “an easy way to save money” according to The Washington Post, are only adding fuel to the nationwide wildfire.

Harkin proposed (earlier this year) legislation to boost Social Security benefits and resurge the Social Security Trust Fund until 2049. In his plans he calls to increase Social Security benefits by $70 a month and alter the budgeting from the Social Security Administration in regards to the cost of living so that senior citizens aren’t drowning in debt. His proposal also suggests getting rid of the $113,700 tax cap so that affluent Americans and the working class are taxed at the same rate, helping to trump the reality of the rich getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer. Read more about Harkin’s Social Security philosophies at The Huffington Post.

Kenneth G. Marks has been practicing personal injury law since he was admitted to the California Bar in 1981.