New Law Could Obtain Social Security Benefits for Injured Military Officers

Injured armed services members who are still on active duty have a little less to worry about.  A proposed law called the Recovering Service Members Disability Benefits Act would rush the Social Security disability process for said patriots.

Usually there is a 5-month waiting period for injured active-duty armed services personnel.  Of course, they still have to meet the same eligibility criteria as the civil population and the medical condition must prevent them from taking on “substantial work”.

Ironically, some armed service members aren’t even aware that they are eligible for SDD benefits and have gone on suffering.  To find out if you’re eligible, consult your local social security attorney.  They can also determine if the position you’re in is still eligible for disability.

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Are you, or someone you love, an injured active-duty armed services personnel currently receiving SSD benefits?  Let us know below.

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