Hiring an SSDI Lawyer: What You Should Know

Applying for benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program can be a long and frustrating process. It isn’t unheard of for applicants to wait several months before getting a response from the Social Security Administration. This is where an SSDI attorney can help but choosing the right one is important.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in your corner can expedite a normally long and arduous process. Simply knowing the procedures and regulations can make the entire experience smoother, so you want to make sure that your SSDI Lawyer has been around the block, so to speak.

When Should I Hire an SSDI Lawyer

Whether you are beginning to consider filing a claim, or you have already filed one and are unsure of the next steps, it is never too early to consult a qualified SSDI Lawyer. Professional representation can make every step of the process easier.

What Information Will My SSDI Lawyer Need?

To get started, your lawyer will need to show that you have an injury or condition that will last for a minimum of one year. Meeting the criteria for one or more of the conditions on The SSA Listing of Impairments is one way to ensure automatic eligibility, but its best to go over your medical history with your attorney.

You must also establish that your work history is long enough to claim benefits, so be prepared with your employment documentation when seeking consultation. An experienced attorney will be well versed in the medical and legal issues surrounding your claim, and can advise you on how to qualify for social security benefits in California.

Here’s a complete list of what the Social Security Administration requires when applying for benefits

Should My SSDI Lawyer Work With My Doctors?

Your doctor can play an important role in the SSDI claim process, so you should look for an attorney who can work side-by-side with you and your medical providers to obtain the right information. Obtaining the right evidence into your medical conditions and how they impact your ability to function at home and at the workplace should begin at the outset of your SSDI application.

Will an SSDI Lawyer Work With Me if My SSDI Claim Was Denied?

The SSDI claim process typically involves at least two stages. Since the SSA denies as much as 70 percent of all initial SSDI claims, a considerable number of claims move on to the appeal stage. Whether it is a Title II SSDI claim or a Title XVI SSI claim, the first appeal available to a Social Security disability claimant who has been denied for benefits is the “reconsideration.” Unless you’ve submitted new, convincing medical information or your condition has deteriorated; there is a high probability that your claim will be denied again.

The wise thing to do is to hire an attorney who specializes in Social Security Disability Law because your chances of winning will only increase.

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