How to Qualify For Social Security Disability In California

Unlike most states, California has a short-term paid disability program. It works by taking an amount of your paycheck every week and if you get hurt your employee contributions will pay a portion of your usual wages.

If you meet the requirements, you’ll receive Short-Term Disability. Make sure you fill out the necessary documents and qualify for the program.

To Be Eligible For Short-Term Disability Insurance (SDI) You Must:

•    Unable to perform normal working activities for at least 8 consecutive days
Note: You won’t be able to collect benefits until the 8th day.

•    Be employed or actively looking for work

•    Lost wages due to your disability (if you had to move to a different position that paid less)

•    Earned $300 from which disability deductions were withheld

•    Being seen or treated by a licensed doctor or accredited religious practitioner

•    Complete & mail a claim within 49 days of when you became disabled

•    A doctor or religious practitioner must complete medical certification section
Note: A licensed midwife, nurse-midwife, or nurse practitioner may complete the form if the disability is pregnancy related

You Will Be Ineligible For SDI If:

•    There has been no loss in wages

•    Already claiming Unemployment Insurance or Paid Family Leave benefits

•    Received your disability when you were convicted of a crime

•    Your Worker’s Compensation or at an equal or greater rate than the DI rate

•    You have been convicted of a crime are in jail, prison, or recovery home

•    You never requested an independent medical examination

Filing A Claim

Generally, your employer or health care practitioner will give you the form to file for disability. If not, then you can get the form at California’s Economic Development Department (EDD). Once you and your health care professional fill out the necessary sections you will submit it to the EDD. Keep in mind this must all be done within 49 days after being disabled.

The EDD will contact you with questions and may contact your employer for additional information as well. When they contact you, they will let you know if you are eligible and the projected number of benefits you will receive.

Amount Of Benefits You Can Expect

The SDI program will pay 55% of your wages and because this form of income if not taxed, you will receive the full amount.

Calculating Your “Usual Wage”

California uses a “base period” that is a compilation of the 12-month period just before the last quarter your disability incurred.

If you aren’t satisfied with your Social Security Disability benefits, then get legal advice on Title 2 (SSDI) benefits.

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