Your Social Security Number is on the Internet!

A new investigative report from Scripps Howard News Service has frightened many US citizens.  It turns out that personal information received from a government phone program has been exposed to the Internet.  The personal information includes Social Security numbers, birth dates, home addresses and copies of welfare cards.

Scripps reporter Isaac Wolf says, “They have records that appear to go back well into last year — these types of photocopies, these scans of people’s Social Security cards, drivers’ licenses, food stamp cards. And it’s not clear why they had them in the first place.

The company accused in the matter is TerraCom, which provides free cell phones and service to eligible lifeline customers has some explaining to do.

TerraCom’s Chief Operating Office Dale Schmick claims the company “deeply regrets” this slip.  And adds, “This is a very serious matter, and, upon learning of the Scripps Howard breach, we immediately implemented security measures to prevent any future unauthorized access to applicant files by any means.”

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