Will Republicans Destroy Social Security?

Before the ink was even dry on their Oaths of Office for the current congressional year, Republican opponents of Social Security have adopted rules which could obliterate the social security disability program.

Termed as an attack on America’s working class who has spent their working lives paying into Social Security, the program is destined to run out of funds in 2016 creating a 20% cut in benefits to those families with disabilities.

Within a piece of routine parliamentary rules legislation, is hidden a caveat that will prevent any transfer of funds to cover shortfalls in the social security program, without corresponding revenue or cuts in benefits.

Congress is now essentially prohibited from transferring needed funds to the social security disability program.

The reallocation of funds process has always been a safeguard against the program not having enough funds to maintain the disability benefits program. It hasn’t impacted the overall budget within the bottom-line totals.

Social Security advocates are described as being horrified by this latest turn of events. Their contention that this massive cut in funds for the disabled is in part due to the Republican supported strategy of providing tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy.

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