What Does It Cost To Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney?

A disability that prevents you from working can be devastating to your household. Without the ability to earn a living for a year or longer, you might need disability benefits to help cover your basic expenses. However, most people who apply for Social Security disability benefits receive claim denials, which can create the need for appeals and delay the start of your benefits. Working with a social security disability lawyer can help avoid these issues.

Contingency Fees for Disability Claims

The good news is that while lawyers in other practice areas might charge a flat fee up front or costly hourly rates, Social Security disability lawyers work under contingency fee arrangements. This means that you pay nothing out of pocket, and you will pay nothing at all if the lawyer is unsuccessful in obtaining disability benefits for you.

Many people not only receive benefits moving forward but are also eligible for back benefits. In the case of Title II Social Security Disability benefits, these benefits can accrue back to seven (7) months prior to the date of your application.  In the case of Title XVI Supplemental Security Income, you can receive past due benefits back to the date of your application.

Social Security disability attorneys can receive 25 percent of your back benefits, and the SSA pays this amount to your lawyer directly. This fee can only be a maximum of $6,000, even if that is less than 25 percent of your back pay award. You never have to pay any fees to your lawyer out of your own pocket.  If you do not prevail at your hearing and your attorney appeals the ruling and you eventually do get benefits, your attorney can request more than $6,000, but never more than 25% of the past due benefits. There is nothing to lose by consulting with a California Social Security disability attorney, so you should set up an appointment to learn how the right legal representation can help you get the benefits you need.