US Citizens Refuse to Provide Social Security Information on Applications

With recent reports of Social Security identity theft piling up, many US citizens are becoming increasingly concerned with providing their Social Security numbers on various applications – from loan fill-outs to IRS forms.

Robert Scuder, a 63-year-old retired child services investigator is one of those in alarm.  He worries, “I’m concerned about becoming a victim.  I know some other people who have.”

But now the ophthalmologist Scuder visits refused to charge his insurance company since he wouldn’t provide the doctor with his SS info.  Out of three medical facilities Scuder has visited, only one would give him treatment without providing this information: a urologist.  And what did they require instead?  Well, just the last 4 digits of his Social.

Authorities are quick to back Scuder, proving that the Social Security number had no intention of becoming an all-purpose individual identifier when it was created in 1934.

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