The Social Security Trust Fund Runs out of Revenue in 2033 – Are You Worried?

The future of Social Security lies unknown…pretty much like anything in the future because we can’t predict the future, now can we?  Plenty of people claim to be able to see in the future, but most are just eccentrically dressed con artists.  But enough of this mini-rambling, how will the changes in Social Security handling affect you?

The Social Security Trust Fund well dries up in 2033…soon after payroll taxes will pay only three-quarters of benefits.  Of course, policymakers have proposed solutions…each with their own wonderful set of pros and cons.

What has been proposed?  Well, raising the retirement age.  This could obviously reduce the amount of people eligible for full benefits.  The amount of payroll taxes collected could also be raised.  We can also change the way benefits are calculated.

But what all these things mean?  How will they affect us?  For the better…or worse?

To read a full list of propositions, check out The Motley Fool. Contact our experienced social security attorneys today.

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