Social Security Scam in Puerto Rico Jails 70+

A two-year fraud investigation has turned up with results: over 70 people in Puerto Rico have been busted for distributing fake Social Security disability payments.

Among the perpetrators are three doctors, an ex Social Security Admin employee and seventy-one people who made phony medical claims.  More than $2 million dollars is what these folks will have to forfeit if charged.

According to the indictment, Samuel Torres Crespo, was the mastermind.  Crespo filled out insurance applications for claimants who lacked medical disabilities that held them back form working.  The claimants were then passed on to the doctors who make false diagnoses.  When the Social Security Administration made the payment to the claimant, Torres would take his 25 percent cut, and then hand the doctors $150 to $500 for their contribution.

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