Social Security Lawyer Commits Fraud

Looks like another law practitioner is in trouble with the law…

Eric C. Conn, an Eastern Kentucky Social Security disability lawyer, alongside federal judge, David B. Daugherty, committed wholesale fraud.  Conn received millions upon millions of dollars from the government for handling disability claims that Daugherty deceivingly approved.

What happened here is that many cases were approved for lifetime disability payments…payments that the people who were granted the payments didn’t deserve.  We are talking about $3.8 million that the Social Security Administration paid Conn in 2010 alone.

Conn speaks on the matter, “I can certainly say that I have always tried to represent my clients in the best and most appropriate way possible, within all the laws and rules.”

Conn, who was pretty much a visible deer in open range, bills himself as Mr. Social Security with huge, large billboards spread across Eastern Kentucky highways.  Not to mention the 19-foot-tall statue of Abe Lincoln in his office parking lot.

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