Social Security Disability Insurance Unlawfully Administered by Judges

Social Security Disability Insurance is on the fritz.  And sometimes people who are suffering from impairments that prevent them from working are left screwed and unglued even though they fully qualify for the insurance.


Well, time is a deciding factor when it comes to eligibility.  The uncertainty can lead the applicants to a panic mode, worrying if they’re going to qualify.  And recently, due to budget cuts, judges have been making decisions that lead to applicants being “terminated from the program” after being issued over-efficient amounts of money.

A leading factor? Social Security Disability applications have raised incredibly within the last 15 years and judges feel that the quotes force more inaccurate insurance approvals than denials.

Basically…the judges are swamped.  They don’t know what to do.  The stress of the amount of applications received is taking its toll and they’ve been offering unlawful disability quotas to applicants.

A proposal has now been set in place…by re-examining the role judges play when administering Social Security Disability Insurance, spending costs could possibly be fixed.

To read more, check out The Baltimore Sun.

Is this an excuse?  Do these judges just need a good night’s sleep?  Chime in.

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