Social Security Disability Claims Rising Means We’re All in Trouble

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The Congressional Budget Office says we’re in trouble: Social Security is becoming as dependable as Velcro holding up the Empire State Building.  Social Security spending is going to double over the next decade with social security disability appeals rising sky high.

Planning to retire?  Looks like you’re screwed and unglued.  Unless the federal government gets the situation straightened out, it looks like you could be working well into your 80s.

Social Security Disability Orange County

So what’s the plan, Stan?  The Daily Finance report states, “Either taxes are going to skyrocket to cover the costs, or benefits will need to be cut. Neither option looks all that good to anyone who expects to be working more than a decade or so from now.”

How does this make you feel?  Have you hired a social security attorney to help you plan for retirement alternatives? Please share with us below.

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