Social Security Benefits Denied to Terminated Worker

Donna (surname withheld) of Stone Mountain, GA, is one of many US citizens who is unsure why her Social Security disability benefits have been denied.  What she does know now is the importance of hiring a Social Security lawyer who can assist her in a courtroom.

Donna, who suffered a work-related injury in 2005, shortly had back surgery conducted.  Afraid of losing her job, she didn’t go through the Workers Compensation process and applied for benefits.  5 years later, she lost her job anyway.

After filing an EEOC discrimination charge against a new manager who didn’t want to work with Donna’s injury restrictions, a settlement was offered.  Donna declined the settlement and wrote a letter to the EEOC requesting to go back to work.  Their reply?  Georgia is a “right to work” state and that she didn’t’ need to be hired back.  Donna went to work anyway, and was terminated.

“I was fired because I didn’t take the settlement,” says Donna. “This put me in a position where I had to find another job. I applied for different positions with the state of Georgia, but because of my disability, I couldn’t get a job. So I applied for social security benefits.”

And she was turned down.

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