Get the Best Social Security Benefits Assistance

social security benefits
People who are denied Social Security Disability benefits need help.  The arduous process to get the benefits that you are entitled to requires assistance from a professional.  The Kenneth G. Marks Law Firm specializes in Social Security Law, and can help you get your benefits.

Generally, once denied benefits, people usually appeal to one of the 1500 judges who assist with administration of the program.  The chances of you winning your cases are not on your side.

There is one Judge, David B. Daugherty, who has skewed those odds to be in your favor.  During the most recent twelve month period, this judge awarded benefits to all of his cases, except for four.

Complaints abound from other judges and staff says he is too generous, and grabs cases from other judges without their permission.   It has also been said that he allegedly hears a disproportionate number of cases filed by one local attorney, hearing such cases at a rate of 15 minutes apart.

Then you have the other lot of Judges that applaud Judge Daugherty’s efforts to protect the interests of the applicant.   Critics of the Social Security Administration say it has more interest in dealing with its backlog than in providing benefits to deserving citizens.

Some Judges rely totally on medically testimony from the claimant’s physician, while others rely on the claimant’s counsel, or the individual unrepresented claimant.

You never know what the Judge hearing your appeal will want.  The laws and guidelines for social security disability benefits are complicated and require the services of an expert to guide you through the process.

The Social Security Administration currently has a backlog of 730,000 cases;  People who are waiting for their benefits.  They contend that they are obliged to provide benefits to those in need, while at the same time protecting taxpayer money.

Applying for Social Security benefits begins at the state level.  If applicants are twice denied, then they may appeal to one of the Social Security Administration’s administrative law judges.  The judges are appointed by the Social Security Administration through a competitive exam with a screening process.

Hearings usually last an hour and include attorneys for the claimant, and medical or employment experts testifying.

The application process for benefits can take more than two years.  Benefits usually are about $1,000 per month and include eligibility to government sponsored health plans such as Medicare and Medicaid.