Oops, they did it again? Doctor’s Private Information Released, Spawns Debate

Oops, Anthem Blue Cross did it again! The only slight twist in this scenario is instead of Blue Cross accidentally releasing private information about the patients, they released social security numbers and tax ID numbers of staff doctors. For almost 24 hours, almost 24,500 doctors were affected by the mistake, resulting in Anthem honoring free credit monitoring and credit insurance to any of the doctors affected by the error.

Due to the new federal healthcare laws about to take effect, Blue Shield was updating their system to connect clients to new policy changes and modifications to doctors and hospitals under the new laws.

One of the consequences of tax identification numbers or social security numbers floating around is the possibility of fraudulent medical claims to insurers or government agencies such as Medicare.

Read more about the debacle at The LA Times. Contact an experienced OC social security lawyer today.

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