What Does Obamacare Offer Retirees?

Senior Citizens – and many retirees already benefiting from Social Security Retirement – come October 1st will be quickly enrolling for Medicare.

But, hey, what happens if you’re already a retiree on Medicare?  What does the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, mean to you?  Matthew Eyles, executive vice president of a healthcare consulting and research firm quickly states, “For Medicare-eligible people, nothing is really changing.”

So, what is?  Well, improvements include shrinking the famous “donut hole” and providing beneficiaries with a cost-free annual preventative check-up.  For folks who couldn’t get Medicare coverage due to being younger than 65 years of age or having not worked at least 10 years in a job that required payroll tax payments things are going to become much easier.

Read more over at Reuters to learn more. Contact a qualified Orange County social security attorney today.

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