Night of the Living Social Security Benefits

Sure, Social Security spending is dwindling down to nada.  Sure, everyone’s panicking about benefits running out and what can be done to properly distribute them.  But…did you know that over 31 million dollars have been paid off to the dead?

A recent audit has illustrated that 1,546 deceased had been receiving benefits for up to 20 years.  The report says, “SSA continued issuing benefit payments to these beneficiaries for 2 to 237 months after recording the beneficiaries’ dates of death and death certificate information on the Numident [Numerical Identification System].”

The thing is, this isn’t hasn’t been resolved.  Sure, retirees practically look dead, but you can’t tell us there’s no way to tell the difference!

The IG is warning that if this issue isn’t corrected and pronto that another $15 million will be dished out to the dead over the next year.

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