Hackers Obtain Over a Million Social Security and Driver’s License Numbers

Talk about a scare…

Washington Officials have let out the news that the Washington State Court system has been hacked into.  What this means is that your driver’s license number along with millions of others’, including Social Security numbers, has fallen into the wrong hands.

The data accessed allows the hackers to commit financial fraud, but it seems that the hackers want the information of people who have previously been booked for offenses in county jail.  Why?  Their impersonation is easier to get away with since most of these previously booked offenders will have a difficult time defending themselves in court against new criminal charges.

The state’s court administrator, Callie T. Dietz, has said made a public statement, “We regret that this breach has occurred and we have taken immediate action to enhance the security of these sites.” Want to read more?  Visit the JD Journal for nothing but the truth. Contact Kenneth G Marks Law Firm to schedule an appointment today.

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