Gay and Lesbian Couples Eligible for Social Security Benefits

Same Sex Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Administration announced on December 16th, 2013, that married gay and lesbian Americans, whose same-sex spouses had recently died, are now eligible to collect social security survivor benefits.

According to acting Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin, Social Security had begun processing claims of surviving members of same-sex marriages and paying out benefits wherever they were due.

Anyone who thinks they may be eligible to receive late spouse Social Security benefits, are encouraged to apply immediately for access to those benefits.

Anyone with questions should visit the Social Security Administration’s information page for same-sex couples.

Following June’s landmark ruling at the Supreme Court, the Social Security Administration has been working diligently to comply with the change in laws. In addition to granting survivor benefits, the Social Security Administration also began paying retirement benefits to legally married same-sex couples.

New guidance surrounding greater tax equity for married same-sex couples was also issued by the Internal Revenue Service here. Previously, same-sex couples were unable to list their spouses on their employer’s insurance plan.

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