Federal Health Reform Soon in Effect

With sources depleting the federal health reform (aka the Affordable Care Act) will be going into full force come January 1st.  What that entails is the expansion of the Medi-Cal program to appease more than a million low-income California citizens who haven’t had access to medical care.

The issue here is that there aren’t enough doctors to accommodate everyone.  And to be honest, many physicians refuse to see Medi-Cal patients due to health plans.  There’s also been the mention of people – particularly hypochondriacs – who may start getting “sicker” on average and abuse the program.  And what about folks with mental illness or drug and alcohol issues?

Mildred Pena, who manages the Alta-Med network in Orange County California says, “The goal is to help our patients stay out of the hospital and make sure they are taking care of themselves as well as possible, with the help of their provider.”

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