Disability Benefits after a Severe Sports Injury

Sports are extremely popular in the United States, both for watching and playing. Many people play many types of sports, both professionally and recreationally. No matter what sport you play, there is always the risk that you can suffer an injury. Sports such as hockey, football, and soccer bring about the risk of severe and life-changing injuries.

Traumatic brain injury – A severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have many long-term effects on a victim’s life. This type of injury is common in sports when someone receives a serious blow to the head, such as in a hard tackle or hit on the ice. Even with a helmet, a blow can cause severe and permanent brain damage, which can result in different cognitive, physical, or behavioral impairments depending on the location of the injury. Many people with severe TBIs are unconscious for long periods of time and may have difficulty walking properly or processing information, making it difficult to work again.

Spinal cord injury – Spinal cord injuries are also a common severe sports injury that can result in permanent disability. Complete spinal cord injuries can cause life-long paralysis below the point of the injury. Victims usually cannot walk ever again, and they may lose the use of their upper limbs, as well, some victims lose organ function and may require home assistance and likely cannot return to work.

If you suffered a disabling TBI or spinal cord injury and can no longer work, you may qualify for disability benefits. You should discuss your condition with an experienced SSDI attorney as soon as possible to ensure you receive the full benefits you deserve and do not receive a wrongful denial.

Disability Benefits for Athletes

An injury can cause major issues for professional athletes who suffer disabling injuries while playing. Whether you play for the NFL, NBA, NHL, professional soccer, or any other type of sport for money, you rely on your physical ability to play the sport to earn your paycheck. Whether you suffer a one-time traumatic injury or a degenerative condition, injuries can sideline you permanently and cost you millions of dollars.

Additionally, after you retire from professional sports, the wear and tear on your body (and even your mind) can keep you from performing other jobs. Many former pro-athletes suffer from degenerative arthritis that makes even the simplest tasks painful. Some suffered multiple concussions that led to early onset dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s disease. In these situations, retirement benefits from sports leagues may not be enough to fully support these athletes, and they may need to apply for disability benefits.

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