Charles Payne of Fox Business Retaliates on SSDI

Well, here we go again with another jab at the withdrawn, idled, mind-guzzling affects the Xbox has on the cyber generation. What’s so bad about the Xbox?

Orange County men on disability or fans of the Xbox may not care for Charles Payne’s recent speech to a group of right wings. According to Charles Payne (host of Fox Business), Social Security Disability help is being awarded to American men who collect disability checks for a “bad back,” all the while “chilling out waiting for their next Xbox.”

Payne claims President Obama has “purposefully sabotaged the economy to create an “Arab Spring sort of thing.” For those of you unaware of an “Arab Spring,” it’s meant to define a period in the Arab world beginning in December 2010 where revolutionaries embarked on political crusades with protests, riots, and civil wars.

Calling strong American men withdrawn, malcontent “eunuchs,” Payne goes on to accuse them of abusing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).  In a tactic to revolt against the system and dodge the punch card, more and more disability claims are being filed for “bad backs” or “mental illness.”

Payne argues, “They’ve been cut off from the traditional role of young men as risk takers, family creators and future leaders,” he said. “Big strong men around this country, they sit on porches and stoops, they stand on street corners all day long collecting taxpayer benefits.”

Perhaps Payne’s “idle time is the devil’s plaything” rhetoric has some validity or he has never seen a SSDI check! Decide for yourself on The Raw Story.

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Kenneth G. Marks has been practicing personal injury law since he was admitted to the California Bar in 1981.