Can Your Living Arrangements Affect the Amount of Your Disability Benefit?

When it comes to disability benefits, there are basically two types:  SSDI and SSI. The acronym SSDI stands for social security disability insurance, while SSI stands for supplemental security income.

Your current living arrangements will not have an impact on SSDI payments. However, they can affect the amount of your SSI payment. For more information about social security benefits and the impact of your living arrangements on receiving those benefits, you should speak with a knowledgeable Orange County social security benefits attorney today.

How Do SSI Benefits Differ from SSDI Benefits?

There are numerous differences between SSI benefits and SSDI benefits. In contrast to SSDI, SSI is a federal benefits program that is based upon need. Moreover, for an individual to even be eligible to receive SSI benefits, he or she must satisfy certain qualifications. To be eligible, an individual’s assets, income, and other resources must fall below a certain threshold. That’s where your current living arrangements might come into play.

Some individuals live in a house that they own – and that they pay for (i.e., in the form of a mortgage payment) with their own money. When this is the case, the SSI benefits the individual receives will not be impacted one way or the other. However, in some cases, individuals reside in a home that belongs to someone else. At other times, some other person might pay for an individual’s living arrangements and expenses. If either of these is the case, then the SSI payments the individual receives may be impacted.

Factors that the SSA Considers When It Comes to Awarding SSI Payments

There are several factors that the Social Security Administration – otherwise known as the SSA – considers when it comes to awarding SSI benefits to certain individuals. Specifically, in terms of awarding monthly SSI benefits to a particular individual, the SSA may consider free or reduced housing as income. Similarly, it may include free or reduced food as income. When it then comes time to award a person SSI benefits, the SSA could subtract this income from the person’s monthly SSI benefit payment.

Differences Between SSI and SSDI Benefits

Unlike SSI benefits, SSDI benefits are a type of disability benefit. Individuals may be eligible for these benefits if they suffer from an injury or illness that is long-term and that prevents them from working at any job and in any capacity. When it comes to receiving SSDI benefits, your living arrangements should not have any impact.

Speak with a California Social Security Benefits Lawyer Today

The various forms of social security benefits that are available – including SSI and SSDI benefits – can be confusing. Since social security is a federal program, it is controlled by federal laws and statutes that are enacted by the United States Congress. An experienced California social security benefits attorney can answer all of your questions about SSI and SSDI benefits and determine your eligibility for these benefits, given your personal circumstances.