What Can Be Done to Salvage Social Security Insurance and Medicare?

Even though attempts at defunding Obamacare have failed, the opposition is now setting its sights on Social Security and Medicare.  How can this be prevented?

President Obama’s 2014 budget involves drastic cuts to Social Security and Medicare that could leave the elderly, retirees, and the disabled in despair.  This move now has him working side-by-side with House Speaker John Boehner who initially fought against Obama’s Obamacare social insurance program.

Progressive proposals that intended on enhancing benefits and adding money to Social Security and Medicare must take precedence and be made clear if allies in Congress are to be made.  Agendas must be set that address both Social Security and Medicare financial issues.

One of these proposals… a Social Security proposal… has the richest 5 percent of US citizens pay into Social Security on all their earnings… equal to how 95 percent of workers currently must.  This will boost Social Security benefits and “extended the solvency of the Social Security Trust fund.”  A popular Medicare proposal invoices slashing the cost of prescription drug prices (a brilliant move), that way saving hundreds of billions of dollars that will be spent on those costs.  In point, why make cuts to these beneficial programs when millionaires can pay into them much like everybody else?

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