A Brief History of Social Security Numbers

Most people in the U.S. have Social Security numbers. You usually need them if you’re applying for a job, collecting government benefits or applying for a credit card. Your Social Security card is tied to very sensitive, important data about yourself, so it goes without saying that you should be very cautious about giving it to anyone.

Social Security numbers are a sequence of 9 numbers, and the SS numbering scheme came about in 1936 in order to help organize Social Security applications.

What started out as a simple book keeping device, turned into what is now your “identity” within the government system.  The nine-digit number is broken into three segments: The first three are the area number, the following two are the group number, and the final four numbers are a serial number.

Since the creation of the SS number system, more than 453 million numbers have been assigned, and each year about 5.5 million new numbers are issued.

Each number is unique, making it almost like a key to your life. If you’re afraid that it’s been compromised, you need to monitor your credit using a free credit report card.

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