Lawyers Release Info on Bumble Bee Employee’s Death

If anyone recalls, last October it was all over the news that a Bumble Bee Foods employee had been cooked to death in an industrial oven.  Personal injury lawyers handled the case and now a report has been releases describing what exactly went down.

Jose Melena, 62, had been ordered by his supervisor to load an oven and repair a chain.  The pallet jack that Melena had been using to load the oven was left outside; just then a second employee assumed that Melena was on a break and started to load the oven with baskets.  Next thing you know, the supervisors became worried about Melena’s sudden absence and an hour and a half long search party had been formed.  After allowing 30 minutes for the oven to cool down, they found Melena’s body at the “exit” side of the oven, pronounced dead at the scene.

Bumble Bee Foods is now being fined $74,000 for six safety violations.

The company has released a statement, “Safety is a top priority; we are cooperating fully with authorities, including Cal/OSHA, and have reviewed all safety procedures with plant employees and stressed the importance of following procedures to maximize employee safety.” Want to read more?  Visit Laist. Contact Kenneth G Marks Law Firm to schedule an appointment today.

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