Disability Law Says Addicts Should Receive Benefits

This is a serious debate here, but should an employer be required by law to give a handout to recovering drug addicts?

Disability attorneys were hoping to expand the Americans with Disabilities Act protections for employees in recovery.  The terms stated that employers must provide long-term disability benefits to workers at risk of relapse.  Of course, employers and the insurance companies that would be forced to pay the benefit are saying no way, Jose.

This could easily become a problem since drug addicts are not known to be the most honest of individuals and could certainly abuse the benefits, these employers and insurance company say.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Julie Colby, who became hooked on painkillers, says that she had continued treatment to kick the drug abuse but couldn’t go back to work since the painkillers were so easy to access.  When she filed a claim for long-term disability benefits the USIC turned her down.

Even a handful of SSI disability attorneys say that no one but the addict should be responsible if whether or not the addict starts using again, adding that the lack of employment or income should encourage them to kick the addiction quicker.

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