Democrats Clash Over Social Security Benefits

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Third Way, a centrist, democratic think tank has recently come under a lot of heat for their stance on Social Security. Surprisingly enough, the pressure isn’t coming from the Republicans, but from fellow democratic organizations such as Social Security Works and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Although Third Way and the groups protesting are all democratic, supporting both social reforms and tighter gun control policies, their differences are far greater than their similarities.
Third Way believes that Social Security is a perfect exhibit of a populist political and economic fantasy, one with an undebatable solvency crisis. Third Way leaders have warned Democrats not to follow liberals over what they call “the populist cliff”.

Many Democrats feel that centrist Democrats, such as the ones making up the Third Way think tank, are siding with Wall Street, and the PCCC urged members to call on their representatives to denounce Third Way, whose executive board is made up of ex Wall-Street big-wigs.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a freshman Senator who supports Social Security expansion, asked bank leadership to disclose their donations to think tanks. Many thought this to be a passive-aggressive attack on Wall-Street friendly Third Way, who largely disagree with Warren. The think tank agrees with her push for donor disclosure, and although they don’t have any plans to change their stance on Social Security, Third Way believes that in the end Democrats all want the same goal.

Protesters may disagree with this, however, with many of them citing the need for Social Security among the middle class.

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Kenneth G. Marks has been practicing personal injury law since he was admitted to the California Bar in 1981.